Walking Grades and Fitness
Grading is a somewhat difficult topic as much depends on the individuals own perception of his or her abilities. The following is intended as a general guide to our grading system. The levels of difficulty are divided into categories B/C/D. Although the trekking is not at great altitude, it occasionally traverses rough terrain and involves some long days and steep climbs.

Grade B walks (Moderate): are for those of any fitness level who are able to traverse moderately hilly terrain. Walking is limited to day excursions from a central location to which you will be transported. These day hikes are normally no more than 6 hours in duration and all walking may be done with no backpack or with a light day pack.
Grade C walks (Strenuous): are for the more serious hill walker and a higher level of physical fitness is required. However, no special physical preparations should be needed. Walking days are normally 6-8 hrs and may involve up to 900m of ascent and descent. You should be prepared for several consecutive days of walking, sometimes at higher altitudes, so stamina is important. However, occasionally rest days in the course of the trek will be included.
Grade D walks (Tough): require that you are very fit and previous trekking experience is strongly recommended. Grade D includes long walks with steep uphill and downhill gradients. There will be some hiking at high altitudes (up to 4000m) and corresponding cold weather conditions. These treks will also involve several long days (up to 8-9 hours) of trekking continuously without a rest day.

Bear on the Pacific ocean coast.
#901. Trek in Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve

SEASON: July 15th - September 15th
Departure 2024: August 1st


Group size - up to 16 pax; min 10 pax.

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Find the map of Kronotsky Reserve here

If you want to find yourself in one of unique places created by Nature on our planet, then this tour is what you need. The huge picturesque museum under open skies, called the Valley of Geysers, represents an eye-catching view. The exotic Uzon Valley and Valley of Geysers are situated on the territory of Kronotsky state wildlife reserve, and are famous for their steaming-water fountains, numerous thermal lakes and pulsating mud pots. Brown bears, various birds and deer feel free in this wilderness. The relict Silver fir wood (Pikhtovaya Roscha) is a rarity registered in the Red Book, and together with the beauty of the blue lake in the Maly Semlyachik volcano crater, and still erupting Karymsky Volcano, will raise the best emotions from the bottom of your soul.

Maly Semlyachik Volcano crater. Photo by Steve Rothwell.

Day 1. Arriving in PKC. Staying in a hotel. City tour. Preparing for the trip.
Day 2.
Helicopter MI-8 flight to Glukhoy Creek (Kronotsky National Park). Enjoy beautiful volcanic landscape from the height of the helicopter flight. Landing and camping in tents or cabins.
Day 3.
Acclimatization trek to Uzon Valley (4 km). You will pass a  picturesque plain where bears feed on wild berries. This valley is interesting for the crater-shaped-pits 25 - 150 meters in diameter and 25 - 40 meters deep, filled with hot and unusually colored thermal water. Returning to the camp.
Day 4.
12 km trek and excursion to the Valley of Geysers. See over-twenty geysers and numerous mud pots. Water-and-steam fountains bemuse with their beauty and strength. Overnight in tent camp on Sestrenka River bank.
Day 5. Trek to Glukhoy Creek (12 km). Cabins.
Days 6-7.
Trek to Burlyaschy Volcano (12 km per day). This trip will lead you through richer vegetation with a large variety of birds and animals.
Days 8-9.
Rest and excursions near Burlyaschy Volcano. The bottom of its crater is called 'The Steaming Valley' because of the multiple boiling puddles, small fountains and tiny mud volcanoes. Here you can see all the volcano types in miniature. This Valley is also musically toned with bubbling and splashing sounds. You will bathe in thermal hot springs.
Day 10.
Trekking down to Semlyachik hot springs (20 km).
Day 11. Continue trekking down to Maly Semlyachik Volcano (6 km) and continue trek on Pacific Ocean coast (6 km) and forsaken settlement Zhupanova.
Kamchatka bears.Day 12.
Radial one-day trekking (6 km one way) to Pikhtovaya Roscha - a dark green spot shining against the light green background of birch wood. Return back to the camp. Overnight in tents.
Day 13.
Full day of rest on a Pacific Ocean shore. Helicopter MI-8 flight over the Maly Semlyachik Volcano crater to Karymsky Volcano. Fly over active Karymsky Volcano, which is considered as the most active Kamchatka volcano due to the frequency and duration of its eruptions. Landing near Avacha Volcano tourist camp. Overnight in lodges. Farewell party and try Russian Banya (sauna).
NOTE: in case of bad weather for helicopter, group will sail by our boat from Zhupanova settlement to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (~15 hours).
Day 14.
Drive to Petropavlovsk (2.5 hours). Hotel.
Day 15.
Reserve day in case of bad weather and visit Paratunka resort to bathe in thermal hot springs. Staying in the hotel.
Day 16.

Cost EUR 4700.00 per person.

Price includes:

  • Full board (all meals)
  • Twin bedded accommodation in hotels in city and Paratunka resort
  • VauDe tents
  • English-speaking rep at the arrival and departure in the PKC airport 
  • Transfers by coach and helicopter MI-8
  • City tour and museum entrance
  • Guide, interpreter and cook services (NO PORTERS are included!)
  • Kronotsky Reserve fees
  • Visa invitation and visa registration
  • Permits

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Uzon caldera Cabins on Glukhoy Creek


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