Pictures by ©Daisy Gilardini

Nomads of Kamchatka have beautiful features. The Even  people have a Mongolian origin distinguished by their marvellous almond shaped eyes.
Nomads of Kamchatka have beautiful features.
Portrait of a middle aged Even man. Nomad's skin is very damaged by the severe weather conditions in which these people live.
Vladimir Mosolov, our guide, drinking coffee near by the fire outside the hut in Kronotsky National Park.
It took me hours to be accepted near the den of this red fox but then decided to play the role of model just for me.
The colour of the reindeer  is multicoloured but can also be completely white.
A grizzly bear is waiting lazilly at the river bank for the right salmon to be caught.
The ground squirrel is a  very nice and amusing animal that inhabits  the Russian tundra.
Boiling mud pot  in Uzon Caldera.
Boiling mud pot  in Uzon Caldera
The peak of Kronotskaya Volcano in clouds.
Mixed vegetation changing colours.

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