'Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our page.

If you know us you must have already experienced the beauty of our great wilderness and learned some of its secrets. We hope to be able to show you much more. For those of you who have yet to visit Kamchatka please read on and discover the many new and adventurous trips we have prepared for you. We are here to help you plan for an unforgettable experience.

Our best wishes to old friends and to those who would like to join us in the future on some wild Kamchatka path.'

Sincerely yours,
Nikolay Kruglyakov

P.S. Please read actual accounts of previous visits with LostWorld and our guest book .

Nikolay N.Kruglyakov.

On a top.About us

"The Lost World " company was created in January, 1993 by the chief of the Alpine Rescue Kamchatka Service Nikolay Kruglyakov.

An experienced mountain climbing instructor since 1980 Nikolay has led many ascents in the Caucasus, Tien Shan, and Pamir. He has also conducted numerous expeditions to all of the most interesting parts of Kamchatka.

The "LW" team takes pride in its high level of professionalism. All of our guides have undergone professional training at climbing schools and/or have many years of experience guiding groups in Kamchatka. Sociable and cheerful, they will make your trip unforgettable.

Our company owns all the necessary equipment to organize and accomplish any travel within Kamchatka. Whether in the countryside or the city we will cook many delicious Russian style dishes for each expedition so there is absolutely no need to worry about the quality of food. If any client wishes to specify food preferences for the group or individuals, e.g. vegetarian menu, we will do our best to accommodate them. Our clients are always very pleasantly surprised by the variety and flavor of meals we prepare.

Nikolay Kruglyakov,
Director and mountain guide
Andrey Stepanchuk,
Chief tourism manager
Alexey Astrotin,
MI-8 helicopter pilot
Larisa Mavrovskaya,
Nadya Shurygina,
Yelena Belyayeva,
Moscow representative
Oleg Rudenko,
M/V Kathleen captain
Olga Skrebtsova,
Galina Osmolovskaya,
Mikhail Dobrjanskiy,
Artyom Kabakov,
Slava Nosyrev,
KAMAZ 6WD truck-bus driver
Sasha Lapkov,
Ural 6WD truck-bus driver
Vitaliy Pron',
Robert Walker (USA),
Alyona Minina,
Rinat Yarulin,
Guide/Tourism manager
Galina Tarasenko,
Oleg Mischenko,
Mountain guide
Roman Adukanov,
Dog-sledding driver

Oxana Kurbay,

Ivan Zelenya,
Mountain guide
Alexander Demidov,
LostWorld bus driver
Yelena Vnouchek,
Larissa Tabachenko,
Christina Moskvich,
Alexander Ovsyannikov,
Mountain guide

Lost World 6WD truck-bus (Kamaz).
Lost World 4WD truck-bus (GAZ-66). Photo by Susan Van Dyke.

Lost World marine boat "Kathleen". Lost World bus.
Click for more pics of Kathleen boat.

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