The Lost World guests' book.

August 2017, #101 tour.

Dear Andrey. Thanks for everything on the last trip. We all say its one of our best trips ever. Thanks for going out of your way to organise the unusual  plan to Mutnovsky, its perfect. Even though we had two days if bad weather, we felt we were lucky in many ways: the rest of the weather, seeing the salmon pushing, jumping off helicopter at Mutnovsky. Kamchatka is definitely one of the world best destinations. Also pass my thanks to Michael, our guide, he's been tremendous, and the company owner who specifically take care of us on the last day. 
Jam from Thailand

August 2017, #101 tour.

Jen and Rob are pretty high maintenance and probably will always be able to find something to complain about. Kamchatka is not a place to visit if you are expecting the four seasons and it is definitely a place that commands patience due to infrastructure and of course weather. As long as you keep an open mind and stay patient you will have a great trip. The group dynamic on the trip couldn't have been better and I look forward to staying in touch with the group. That being said any waiting around is worth it in the end because the payoff of what you will see is magical. I'm glad we were able to share your very special part of the world and I hope to bring my family there one day.

Thanks for all of your help.
Regards Jon, HK 

August 2014, #101 tour.

Andrey and Nikolay,

I hope 2015 finds you doing well! Thank you for my wonderful tour with Lost World last summer to Kurilskoye Lake and hiking the volcanoes Gorely and Mutnovsky. The incredible weather helped, but regardless we viewed many brown bears, streams full of salmon and so many volcanoes and other extraordinary wilderness scenery. Further, the international mix of clients really made this tour special for me too. I’m looking forward to my next visit to Kamchatka (maybe 2016?)!

If you decide to post this on your “guest book” Web page other clients may find the following helpful. This was my third visit to Kamchatka and second tour with Lost World (the first in 2007). There are some very helpful changes since 2007 especially for US clients. First, there is a weekly flight between Anchorage and Petropavlovsk that is very reasonably priced, especially if you book early (see for details and bookings; I used a local Bay Area agent to book my flights). Second, the Russian tourist visa is now for 3 years for US citizens. Finally, though you may find many online tourist bookings are in Euros or US$, local purchases and bookings will get to enjoy a favorable exchange rate if it persists.

My wife and I travel extensively. This is an amazing area of the world, and remains one of my favorite areas to visit. So many things to do and experience. Many thanks again to Lost World for an incredible experience last summer!

Dave Wiltzius

Livermore, California  USA

August 2013, #803 tour.

Dear Andrey,  Hello! 
You must be still very busy with tourist arrivals and departures and their various tour arrangements!  We are finally back in Singapore, after travelling (with our smoked salmon, crab and salmon caviar) for 3 days through Khabarovsk and Seoul.  Today I'm feeling a lot more rested after a lot of sleep! I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you to you and your team for taking such good care of us during our time in Kamchatka.  I suppose that this is your job and it is just routine work, however we did not feel as if we were "just another tourist" and my friends and I really appreciated the good suggestions and recommendations as well as the expertise of your team during our trek.  I also want to express my special thanks to Nicolai for the last-minute helicopter arrangements for Albert and Anja (which they thoroughly and completely enjoyed even though it was short!), and ensuring that they got back in time for the airport.  I very much regret that I was unable to join them for this side-trip considering the "discount" that I negotiated for them : ((( but this is purely because I have promised my husband to wait for our trip together to the Lake.  So it will be of no surprise to you that I will be back (with more friends!) within one to two years; therefore, please remember me well ; )I hope that this has been or will have been a fantastic tourist season for your company, and till we meet again, please keep well and stay in touch! 
With warmest regards,
Helen from Singapore

September 2013, #401 tour

Dear Sirs, I´m a lawyer in Germany and I will express my complete satisfaction about Your flexible kind of organisation concerning our Kamchatka trip (bears watching; vulkanos; boat trip and reindeer nomades contact). Our team of Artyom, Julia and Igor was excellent. I thank for their good job. I will recommend You for anybody, who intends to travel to Kamschatka.
Yours Reinhard Schön,

September 2013, #401 tour

Andrey, I just want to say a huge thank you to all at Lost World for the most amazing trip which finished on Tuesday.  When Day 17 came along, all I wanted to do was start again!

I found the itinerary enormously comprehensive, giving us an overview of all the marvels of Kamchatka, and the beauty.  Our guide, Artyom, was very good at identifying what the group needed, where some people needed more attention than others and making sure that we caught up on any activities missed due to bad weather etc.  We saw all we had been scheduled to see.  I would totally recommend Kamchatka, and Lost World, to anyone with a love of wildlife and outdoors holidays. 

It was clear that the team, Artyom, Julya and Igor, worked incredibly hard to make sure that everything went as well as possible and that all our needs were met. 

Until my next trip to Kamchantka, thank you very much!

Claire Carroll,

September 2012, #401 tour

Our trip to see Kamchatka with Lost world tours was a great experience and adventure! We took lots of unique photos and met people from different countries.

What made the experience unique was the staff of Lost world and the nature of Kamchatka. Combined together gives you a recipe for success!
Nadia is a great cook which delivers tasty meals for the group. Although it is quite difficult to work in a tent kitchen she does it with a smile.
Sasha - the ex-military officer - is very enthusiastic and professional when we had to change a tire. I was able to practice my Russian with him for 8 hours in the "GAS" truck.
Sasha - the airport transfer driver - is very enthusiastic and loves talking to people! He was the first person I met at the airport, which is my first experience.
Artyom is the heart of the group - he plays very successfully several roles - the guide, the interpreter, the cook assistant, the experienced climber, etc. He loves what he does and does it perfectly with great enthusiasm.
Andrei was really helpful in organising the trip arrangements and supported me well.

Thank you all for the great experience!

Best Wishes
Dobrina and Sai
The UK.

June 2012, #404 tour
Dear Andrey,
The whole trip was FABULOUS!!! The itinerary was good - very varied which catered to the different interests within the group. There was enough time for us to do individual things and we really got to experience the beautiful land, the great outdoors and nature and learn about the history and culture of the indigenous people. And, that 9 hour bus ride from Esso to PKC did not seem that long. Of course we slept along the way ... and stopped for perushky ... but the journey was not as bad as I had thought it would be. 
The tents were spacious and roomy and clean. Hotels were clean and good, except for the hotel at Milkovo. We liked the ones with the hot thermal baths best! The Even Folk concert at Esso was exhilarating! The dances were very well performed. Meals provided at the hotels and restaurants were sufficient and we enjoyed them.
The staff was simply superb - making sure we were safe and well and as comfortable as we could be in that environment. They met our needs with much thought and sensitivity. Oxana was really wonderful and the team worked so well together to ensure we had not just a good, but a great time!
Her ability to speak good English added a great deal to our enjoyment and appreciation of the history, culture, geography ... and many other aspects of Kamchatka. Indeed, without her, I think we would not have learnt so much about a land so different from ours. 
Sergei paced our walks very well and even carried us across the river - all 11 of us (of course one at a time) - not once but twice! His sharing of his climbs up the volcanoes was exciting and gave us a better idea of what it takes to climb volcanoes. Sadly, we did not make it up even one! Next time!!!  He was confident and knowledgeable and was able to assess situations well. He was really very patient and helpful. His quick reaction to cries for help saved one of the girls from drifting down the river, after she fell in. Thanks to both him and Leo, she was safely pulled out of the water. 
Larissa is a great cook and she made every effort to ensure the food was palatable and interesting. She tried to cater to our Asian taste and even had sushi made for us one day! That was very thoughtful of her. We really do appreciate her efforts in serving our meals hot and on time. She also made sure that there were always things (chocolates, biscuits, drinks etc) to eat and drink in the kitchen tent. And the food served was more than enough. Plus, she gave accurate and good predictions of the weather!
Both the drivers did a good job at the wheels of those huge Kamas trucks! They were safe drivers and mindful about making stops on the long journeys that we took. Many thanks to both Sasha and Slava.
A big THANK YOU to the whole team.
I am really glad that I was able to visit Kamchatka after the aborted trip in 2010. Indeed, it is one of the wildest and most beautiful places I have had the chance to travel in. I truly thank God for the opportunity to experience the beauty of your county ... the wilderness, being with the reindeer herds and sailing with the killer whales.    
Thank you for helping us enjoy the journey!
Liz & the 10 other Singaporeans.

Just to share a poem I wrote:
Land of snow, wind, wilderness
And volcanoes
Home of reindeers, brown bears
And hardy Even people
Destination of clueless city folks
And dreamers
Hidden, untouched, untrodden
A lost world ... found.
Liz Poey 12 June 2012 Esso, Kamchatka

September 20th, 2010, #401 tour
Dear Andrey!
Back in Holland we would like again to take the oppertunity to thank you and the Lost World group for giving us a wonderfull trip!!!
Everything was just great and we enjoyed very much, we can't think of any complained. Artyom was really a very good, professional and nice guide!!! thank you for a great trip!!!!
Iif ever we have people who will want to go to Kamchatka we will give them your addres and if you ever would like to have a
reference we are willing to provide!
best wishes to you all
Anne-Marie and Edwin,
The Netherlands

September 4th, 2009.
Hello Andrey.
We want to thank you again for making our day in Kamchatka incredible!! The stop on the edge of the mountain overlooking the
acid lake was amazing. Everyone rated our day as a "10" out of "10"!! We enjoyed having the four of you on the ship for dinner. Please send our regards to everyone. The fish, the caviar and the book are much appreciated.
Please keep in touch. Yours friends,
Scott Dean and Ron Calvert,
USA, M/V "The World"

July-August 2009
Dear Andrey. First of all we would like to thank you for the wonderful and unforgettable trip No. 902 we just had with Sergey, Dima and Mischa! Our Kamchatka dream was coming true and “Lost World” contributed to exceed our expectations! Unfortunately the time in Kamchatka passed too quickly and we are still revelling in magnificent memories… It is definitely hard to come back and adapt oneself to the normal daily life. We always appreciated your support and help during the preparation of our trip, your quick feedback while we missed our flight from Moskau to Petropavlovsk and last but not least having the unique opportunity to travel just by ourselves with a guide, a driver and an interpreter. We were amazed that you made it possible to travel in this small group – it was just great – like on a VIP tour. Or even better! Just after a few days we felt like travelling around Kamchatka amongst friends! Sergey, Dima and Mischa did a great job in making our trip as pleasant and unforgettable as possible. As you may know we had some car-breakdowns. While we were waiting, we sometimes wished to have a newer car, although at the end of the trip all those troubles seemed to be part of the big adventure… Sergey, Dima and
Mischa always gave their best to fix it successfully, they never got upset to each other and they were very patient - even in tense situations. We were impressed by their fairness and team spirit. In all situations they were helping each other. For example when we arrived totally exhausted at our campsite after 12 hours of walking to Moutnovski, Dima had already prepared a delicious dinner! Perfect team work!
We had a great time together and we enjoyed every minute at the other end of the world! All the pictures we made and the music we received from Dima, Sergey and Mischa is keeping us mentally in Kamchatka! Our dream has not been finished yet. We are actually playing with the idea of coming back in wintertime for some heliskiing, ski tours or other activities – and of course to meet Dima, Sergey and Mischa again!
Best regards
Ariane and Karine,
By the way: If you once need any helping hand in Kamchatka – we would love to come back for work, be it as a cook, an office
administration support or an operator of a new potential snow bar:o)

July 2009, #902 tour
Dear Andrey,
A week after returning from your unique country,we want to congratulate and thank you and your organisation for the fantastic work you all did by organising the trip.
Unless the lack of paved roads, our excellent driver Vitaly succeeded to bring us safe and on shedule to the places of the itinary. Our famous cook, Larissa, prepared meals on gastronomic level so that we even gained weight during the trip. And last but not least our perfect english speaking guide, Artem, was one of us during the ascent of volcanos, spotting animals (we have not seen a lot of), visits to musea, local people and he succeeded to keep the spirit of the group at an amusing level. We have also appreciated to travel with an international group of people. The mosquitos,well we could not imagine that number, but we were aware of it and they didn't itch (in Europe they do). The physical level of the trip was for us (certainly for me) a little bit too heigh but unless I have seen unique natural phenomens which are unforgettable. We just regret that we have not booked a few days more so that we could visit Geyser Valley, Uzon caldera and Kurilskoya lake but may be this brings us back to Kamchatka....
Many thanks and succes with Lost World
Rita Van Renterghem,
Eddy De Baets,

September 2009, #401 tour.
Dear Andrey. Just to make contact as I am back home in Melbourne. It was 23 hours travelling including sitting in airports & 14 hours of flying. I want to thank you for a wonderful & unforgettable tour of your very beautiful country of Kamchatka.You were correct Artjom was a great Tour leader, Slava was a super driver & took me to places when the group were doing long walks I would not have seen. He is so strong he helped up into the cabin to get great views of these places. Larissa cooked me special meals and they were superb. Sergei was an exceptional young man. In this fast world it is rare  to find a young man who has such care and consideration for an old man. Never once did he become impatient with me and without his help I could not have seen & done things. I must thank you for sending him with me as I will never forget my trip. I said I would be happy to adopt Sergei as my Grandson & he earned the name Vnuchok (spelling may not be correct) but you understand. I am more than happy to be included in your customer comments as I am sure Lost Worlds is the best Tour operator with the most caring people in Kamchatka.
Best Regards
Neil Collister,

August 2007
Thank You once more for a graet time in Kamtchatka. You and Your guides, dirvers, cook... are doing a great job. Special thanks to the young interpreter Katja who was more than a perfect guide!
Kind regards
Bernhard Sonnleitner,

Jine 2007

Greetings from Spain!
We had a great experience in Kamchatka and thank you all for your courtesyand attentions.Again we would like to mention the great effort our team (guide,interpreter, cook and driver) did. Specially our interpreter. Artjom was a jolly companion, full of interesting data about your country and culturebut, furthermore, he was our patient friend in the hard moments and allwaysfound a way to make things easier whenever there was any trouble. We don't have his e-mail address but we would like to thank him personally. Pleaselet him know.
Take care you all, next time we'll go for the Kluchevskoy!
Andres Puente

August, 2005

Dear Andrei

It was a fantastic trip and all the group's questionaire's are excellent so far. Can't wait to return now so will seriously think about coming in winter. Say hello to Lost World. Thank you for organising such a great trip (and the weather!) and hope to see you soon......
Best wishes as usual
Suzie Grant, Exodus Travels ltd, the UK.

August 2005, (404 trip).

Hi Andrei
I just want to let you know that I had a great holiday visiting Kamchatka. Your staff are to be complimented on their professionalism, good humour and enthusiasm for their country, history and people. I would like you to pass on my thanks to Larissa, Ludmila, Nikolay and Vitaly.
I had a very interesting and fun time - the tour was well organised and flexible so that we avoided the bad weather but still saw many interesting sites. This demonstrated the local knowledge of our guide.
I hope to come back in a couple of years.

Regards and thanks,

Jan Mahoney, Australia

August 2005, (404 trip).

Dear Andrei
I hope everything is well with you and at the office.
I've been back in London nearly a week now, and thought I'd take a moment to thank you for my wonderful time in Kamchatka. I did appreciate your care and attention, both before and during the trip, to make sure everything went smoothly and I had a good holiday.
Please also pass on my best wishes to Misha and family, and to our crew Lucia, Nikolai, Larissa and Vitali who were faultless throughout and wanted nothing but the best for us. In particular Lucia who was there for us at all hours of day and night and Nikolai who worked miracles despite the challenging weather and circumstances.
Best wishes
Adam Burton, The UK.

August 2004, (805 trip).

We spent the first week of August with Lost World exploring volcanos. We hooked up with Lost World as an after-thought, since the previous week for fishing with another outfitter was our primary focus. However, as our Kamchatka experiences unfolded, we found the week spent with Lost World was without a doubt the highlight for us. Your staff was professional, safety-conscious, and well organized. Everything from transportation logistics and food preparation to trek planning and first-aid response was handled professionally and with dispatch. Tanya Oborskaya, our interpreter, was the best, knowledgeable and always on top of everything. Sasha, our head guide, was a superman. All the other staff were great. They couldn't control the weather, which was marginal much of the time, but, hey, how often do you get a chance to camp in the Mutnovsky caldera in a typhoon? Lost World will be my first stop when I return to Kamchatka...a magical place.

Roger McCoy, Lakewood, CO 80227, USA

August, 2004 (102 trip)

Dear Andrei,

Thanks again for your excellent organization ... everything really went very well and the whole trip was very enjoyable. First, your flexible organization to get our baggage, then your good relations with the Weather God, last not least your excellent guides (yes, they were all together truly nice and enjoyable) ... all together a great experience for us.

Thanks again and please keep in touch with any news and give our best regards to "our" guides.

Martin and Sigrid

The Last Frontiers* GmbH
Event & TravelConsulting

July-August 2004, (404 trip).

I want to thank you and all the people with The Lost World Tours for the geat trip you organized for me and the group. Sylvia and I certainly enjoyed every day of our stay in Kamchatka. I have been traveling the globe for twenty years now and seldom encountered a local team showing so much enthousiasm and providing so much service to make the stay of their guests as pleasant as possible. People to whom I show my pictures are surprised about the spectacular beauty of your country. If you have (Dutch) people inquiring about your tours, you can always use me as a reference for your company. I would be pleased to share my experiences with them and advise them to book a trip with your company.

Thanks again and best regards,

Mat Elbers

I want to say thanks again to you and the crew for the fantastic trip. True, there were times of discomfort, but you have no control over weather and mosquitoes. The facets of the trip you can and do control were perfect. I know the trip has been made many times, but repetition alone doesn't always make for a smooth operation. You and the crew do a great job. Nicolay not only qualifies as a guide, he could also be a good will ambassador for all of Kamchatka if people were lucky enough to meet him. And Larissa, the title "cook" falls way short. How about you show her a little more respect and call her "chef" and the cook tent "Chez Larissa". Woxanne was delightful, and did her job well for a first time out. My first impression was she might not realize that she, like Nicolay, were responsible in looking out for the group. I'm happy to say the first impression was wrong. She didn't hesitate to let us know when any of us got out of line. Peter? He's another asset for the company. An all around good guy. The whole trip was the experience of a life time for me, and I think for everyone in our group, but it would have been far less without those four. So I say thanks again.

Loren Mooney

May 2004, (101 trip).
I want to thank everyone involved in the May 14 - 21, 2004, trip to the Golyginskoe Lake Lodge!!! We were the first group to stay and enjoy the new lodge that Sergei supervised building. It was lovely! - from the comfortable chairs with their soft coverings around the wonderful fireplace, to the lace curtains in the living area! "Ee-ah's" cooking was spectacular!!! I have never eaten so well or so much! Thank you so much!
Peggy Drauglis, relocated from Ohio, USA

March-April 2004
To all our friends at Lost World,
Thank you for an amazing three weeks. Even though this was our 5th trip with you, you managed to put together yet another completely different set of trips that wetted our appetites for yet more adventures in your wonderful land.
We miss the hot spring bathing that became such a part of our nightly routine, the deep snow that made everything so beautiful and of course the generous hospitality of the new friends we met.
Gary will never forget the Avachinsky expedition in the ice and snow; and Tracy the magnificent eagles on
the west coast.
Special thanks to Nikolay Kropachev and Yulia for their company and friendship throughout this trip of a lifetime - and for our dearest friend Andrei for making the whole thing possible.
Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon,
Tracy & Gary Masters

March 2004, (202 trip)
I'm thingking of you all now and then...It was such an good experience the dog-sledge tour!!
Thank you again!
If possible please say my thanks to Roman,Tollje, Kolje, Dema, Pjotr, Ignat, Jenade,...I miss them all!
And the dogs!!
Take care
Susanne Andersson,

August 2003, (901 trip)

My wife, my two adult children, and I embarked upon the Lost World Trek, #901 (August 2003), in the Kronotsky State Biosphere Preserve. We found that not only was this trip exciting (bears, geysers, crater lakes, volcanos, beaches), but well planned and professionally guided. Although we were hampered by unusually bad weather, Kamchatka Lost World, went well beyond the call of duty to compensate for these climate difficulties by ferrying us by helicopter to destinations that we would have missed and by supplying us with a dining tent for the rain. Although we burned a lot of calories trekking, we more than made up for the loss with a variety of well-prepared and plentiful food (and vodka).
When my wife broke her leg sliding off a remote trail, Lost World, did everything possible to evacuate her quickly and safely by helicopter. On her return to Petropovlovsk, they efficiently arranged for medical care and an early return to the US including assistance for her overnight stay in Moscow.
The operators of Lost World gave our international group of 12 very personal service whether we were on the trek, waiting in the hotel for the weather to clear, or being sure that we got through the hassle of airport arrivals and departures. We are experience adventure travelers and can only give the highest recommendations for Lost World.
John Burton, Utah, USA

August 12, 2003
Dear Lost World Team.
Thankyou so much for a great trip around Kamchatka. The team of the two Nikolay's, Andrei, Ioulia, Larissa, Sasha and Sergey were fantastic and they all deserve a gold medal for putting up with for as long as they did! I have seen some amazing things over the past few weeks, and the memories will stay with me forever. I will definitely be back in the future, and I look forward to meeting you all again.
Spasiba bol'shoye.
Andy Pearce

August 02, 2003 (805 trip)

Dear Andrei,
Thank you for arranging everything for our trip to Kamchatka. We arrived home safely and have told all our friends about the wonderful and mysterious things we saw, especially the geysers, mudpots, acid lakes and boiling springs. We got to see all the geysers I hoped to see and even a few more.
When we went to the Avacha volcano it was all foggy except in the middle of the night, when I had to get up and saw the moon shining on the volcano. It was so beautiful! But the next morning only fog again. We did not see Koryaksky until the very last day, as we were flying away it came out of the clouds as if to say goodby, come back again to Kamchatka!
All of our guides were friendly and helpful, we had good service the whole time we were there. It was a wonderful adventure and we hope to see you again some day in the future.
Many thanks,
Susan, David and Julie Ralph

August 14, 2003 (801 trip)

Dear Andrei,
I had a great time in Kamchatka. The days we spent camping and trekking were simply first class!!
I will like to Lost World and the all the crew of the trip (Ioulia, Ruslan, Marina, Roman, Misha, Sasha and Ivan) for the excellent service and immense generosity.
I am now back in Singapore but will defintely return to Kamchatka in the not to distant future.
Take care my friend and please send my warmest tropical greetings to the rest.
Teck Wei Hoe,

Dear Andrei, Nikolai, Ruslan, Iulia & The Whole Lost World Posse
Well following a bloody week back in work I felt that it was time to thank all the peeps on our trip very, very, very much.
Ruslan (great Bear attack prevention technique), Ioulia (surely the best translator in Kamchatka), Marina &Roman (great cooking partners), Sasha & Misha (best porters in Russia) and finally Ivan (wealth of
Aye, twas a very enjoyable trip, from the copter ride to the bear chase, from the volleyball mauling to the crater of Mutnovskii, and finally the great "Cosmic" discotec (great bloody place). So anyway yes I'll be back, next time returning with a Vulcan Petropavlovsk football top!
Champion, Spaseeba, Klassna
Matthew Roberts
Rhosgadfan, Wales

August 14, 2003 (802 trip)

Dear Andrei,
....... we enjoyed our trekking through volcanoes, so well organized! Say hello from me to each one of the team.
All the best.
Annie Roussel-Riquet,

July 21, 2003
Dear Nikolay, dear Andrej
We arrived back in Switzerland safe and sound. In this concrete jungle of Swiss cities, I feel sort of homesick for the rough beauty of Kamtchatka...I shall return!!
Thanks again for the good organization of our trip and very friendly cooperation of the whole Lost World team.
Anneliese Liechti-Stucki
Alpenstrasse 6
CH-6000 LUZERN 6

May 6, 2003
Hello Dear Nickolay,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for an excellent job yesterday while the ms Prinsendam was in port. The feedback from our guests on your tour have been great. They really enjoyed their experience...
Kindest regards,
Debbie Balch
Shore Excursions Manager
ms Prinsendam,
Holland America Line

April 2003 (701 trip)

Dear LW Friends,
We have just come back in Italy and we wish to send our thanks to all LW staff who attended us during our two weeks journey and ski-tour along the Kronotsky Reserve in Central Kamchatka.
The possibility you gave us in adjusting the tour according to our best needs got us the possibility to spend more days in skiing, that was what we really wanted to do coming till to Kamchatka.
Excellent guides (Jury, Dmitri, Vladimir, Sergey) who did their best to let us know places we couldn't never seen alone! We had a couple of bad weather days at the beginning of the tour at Lazo but it was immediately arranged an alternative to the original program in order to let us continue the ski-tour. The tentative to cross the hill by using Burans is still in our mind!
Excellent cooking service! Larissa did the impossible in any situation along the way. She prepared good dishes at any time, four five times per day! We never had so abundant breakfasts before like those of Larissa! Rinat, the interpreter guide, had a such intensive work in speaking day and night that at the end of the tour he had a toothache!
The Volcanos view accompanied us during our sunny daily ski-tours and the thermal springs of Kypeliye and Tumroky allowed us to have a rest taking hot baths at the night before dinner! Thanks to Igor the truck driver for the long distance he took us from PKC to Lazo without any problems. Thanks to Vladimir who well drove its truck along the untracked road inside the snow covered forest for hours, hours and hours!
Thanks again from Federico, Angelo, Ercole and Miro
Milan - Italy

April 2003 (105 trip)
Thank you all for another incredible trip. Although this was our fourth trip to Kamchatka with Lost World it was as different
and as special as the first. Vestnik Bay is a beautiful area of Kamchatka with it's contrast of coast, woodland, rivers and Volcanoes. The wildlife sightings were as promised and each day provided yet another unique experience. You excelled again in all that you did for us and the memories will stay with us forever.
Thank you again our friends.
Tracy & Gary Masters
Hastings, UK

October 2002
Dear Lost World Tours team,
...We take this opportunity to thank you very much for the welcome you prepared us when we arrived at Kamchatka with the ship "Volendam" on 1 October 2002. We very much enjoyed our trip to the volcanoes, and had really wanted to stay longer. The meal which was served in the cabin was excellent, and also the welcome there was very warm. Special thanks to our American guide Robert!
We took many, many pictures, and enjoy looking at them from time to time.
We certainly wish to come back to your beautiful country.
Our best regards to all of you.
Petra Bravenboer
Bernard Borneman

September 2002
Dear Andrei and Nikolay
Many thanks for your e-mail. Thank you again very much indeed for making the trip to Kamchatka so good for all the clients and also for me. Please also thank Andrei, Julia, Larissa and Kolya very much indeed. They are a great team. It was good to see another part of the Park and also the route that the trekking groups take...
Best wishes to you all from Kathleen.
Arcturus Expeditions,
The UK

August 2002
Well, we have been back a week and Kamchatka seems very far away. Which of course it is, particularly the way we went. It was a terrific trip! Everyone survived intact and everyone was, I believe, enormously glad for the experience.
We all really enjoyed Rob, Lena and Sasha. They were great company in addition to being first rate at their jobs. The weather was, on occasion, not noticeably cooperative but Nickolai was flexible and imaginative and everything worked out as well as we could have hoped. Please note that I would be very happy to act as a reference for Lost World.
Kermit and Priscilla Roosevelts,

August 2002 (404 and 801 trips)
Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality, friendliness and good humour, as well as great organization.
Avis Pearce,
freelance photojournalist,

August 2002
Dear Nikolay, dear Andrei,
I suppose that Julia from Marlis Travel has already transmitted our thanks for the perfect organisation of our trip in August. But again, thank you, we really enjoyed ourselves and your team was just phantastic.
Marion Janoschka,

August 2002 (404 trip)
For the record I want say how much I enjoyed the tour you organised. Kamchatka really is an incredible place and I'll be writing about it in more detail for another project once I get this book out the way. I was generally very pleased with Lost World - you coped admirably in sometimes difficult circumstances. Although our intinerary seemed to be constantly changing and this upset a few of the group I could see that everything had been organised to give some leeway should the elements prove to be against us. So no problems there. And there was always something interesting happening be it the stop at the fisherman's camp on the way back from Esso
Simon Richmond,
LonelyPlanet Guide book,

August 2002
Dear Nikolay,
At first I would like to advise you that all the Allibert's group got a safe return to France and that I am now back to the office. Every member of this first group is very happy regarding the trip and, as myself, Brigitte my wife and Marie (working at Allibert's sale department), found Lost World'service very professional and friendly. It looks now obvious to work together for 2003.
Jerome Dubois,

August 2002 (602+802 trips)
Hello, Andrei, Nikolay, Ioulia and Katia, and the rest of the Lost World team,
I got home fine, after confortable flights from PK to Vladivostok and back to Australia. The digital photos look so much better on a bigger screen! I will email Ioulia some copies. I really enjoyed my time in Kamchatka, and am happy to recommend Lost World to anyone who asks.
Danusia Kucharska,

July 2002 (102+602 trips)
Hello Andrei and Julia,
...I want to say thank-you from both of us for all the help on the trip. We had an absolutely wonderful time and everyone is still talking about the pictures and Kamchatka after seeing them. You live in a beautiful, if harsh country, and we enjoyed our time there. We will remember it always, particularly since it was our honeymoon....
Rahn and Natalia,
USA, Russia

July 2002 (403 trip)
Dear Nikolay and Andrei:
We are now all back home safely in Hong Kong and feeling truly exhilirated by our wonderful trip to Kamchatka - thankyou! Keep up the fine work and every wish for great success this season!
Best Wishes also to Nikolay, Luda, Larissa, Andrei and Igor.
Joanne Wood,
Camel Riders, Hong Kong

June 2002
Greetings Nikolay & Andrei!
...Thanks again for our wonderful trip in June. We talk about it every day. Lost World did an excellent job. We miss beautiful Kamchatka!
Warmest regards,
Paul Schurke & family
Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge,

June 2002 (601 trip)
As always all our friends at Lost World gave us an incredible holiday. Your service was impeccable and your attention to detail second to none. We never wanted for anything and as always have wonderful memories to keep us going until our next visit.
Tracy & Gary Masters
The UK

June 2002 (602 trip)
We live in a beautifull land (in amazonia forest) but we love the kamchatka, a real "coup de foudre" (in french in the text) because the lost world's team is wonderfull. We keep a so nice sorrow and we'll come back as soon as possible.
Patrik & Patricia Mottereau,

March 2002 (202 trip)
Thank you all very much indeed for your hard work in making the dog sledging trip so successful. It was excellent and as usual everything worked very well.
Kathleen Cartwright
Arcturus Expeditions,
The UK.

September 2001 (901 trip)
... it was a fantastic trip and excelled all my hopes and expectations. The weather was a huge factor, of course, but all your work in organizing the trip, getting the permits, helicopters, great team to work with and everything else, was excellent and much appreciated.
Suzie Grant,
Exodus trek leader,
The UK

August 2001 (102 trip)
To my new and increasingly dear friends at Lost World! Thank you so much for the great care you provided to my clients this past week...
Kristyn Durie,
Boston, MA,

August 2001
All the situations I expected were something unforgettable. There was no information about this place, and it was a kind of mysterious for me. Now, I know some good part of here and try to know all over Kamchatka to bring more people for helping economical development.
Tomo Kuroishi,

July 2001
...we have all had a fantastic experience in Kamchatka and I hope that when you go to herders you will thank them again from both me and Jan. They were such nice people.
Ulla Hasselbalch,
Director Easy Film,

June 2001
We've had a fabulous experience. All the staff and helpers added to this rich journey.
Elma & Graham Leisk,
The UK

What a wonderful land! People so friendly and helpful; animals and plants in abundance. Please keep to protect true delicate...
Paul Harris,
The UK

Splendid service and warm hospitality. Thankyou.
Richard Arnold,
The UK

April 2001
After doing the whole Transiberian - almost 10.000 kms -, I ended up taking a flight to Kamchatka. Just me and my "baby" - the video camera. I was tired, homesick, lovesick... And the weather in Kamchatka insisted not to help at all. Snow, clouds, wind... Even with all these difficulties, I had a great time and came back with great footage to Brazil. The reason for that has 3 names: Irina, Andrei and Nikolay! The "trio"!
I work for Globo Television Network, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Unfortunately, very far away from Kamchatka. Maybe I will never get to meet with "the trio" again. I have traveled and produced all over the world (Mongolia, China, Iran, Faros Islands, Iceland, Africa, and so on...). Very seldom, however, I had the chance to work with people from a tour company that were so helpful, serious, happy, cheerful, honest, hard worker... The list of adjectives for Lost World Tour could be endless. Complaints? None. Just about the weather... I was going to spend a week in Kamchatka. At the end, my stay lasted for 3 weeks. Lost World Tours always understood my needs. They were always very flexible. No doubt the "trio" were the best guys I met all over Russia. No exaggeration. I really mean it.
And if you ever have a chance to travel with Irina, do try her porridge in the morning. Terrific!
Irina, Andrei and Nikolay: thank you so much for everything! The 50-minute film that I produced in Russia was a big success. And the film starts with Kamchatka, of course. That's because the material filmed in your land was top quality.
Also many thanks to Xsenia and Gennady! All the best!
Luis Nachbin
Producer/Reporter/Cameraman TV Globo,

To everyone at Lost World
Thank you ~ Spaciba for such a great adventure!
Pete Joy / The solo Aussie

March 2001 (202 trip)
Thank you for such well organized dog-sledding trip, even does to the lovely (cold!) weather and erupting volcanoes. A superb experience with the very fine people in the reindeer camp and fisherman camp...
Valerie Edward,
The UK

Thank you very much for a wonderful trip.
Anne Squire,
The UK

Good, good, very good.
Janet Grant,
New Zealand.

To all the people at The Lost World. We have all enjoyed a superb trip to Kamchatka. The organization was excellent and it surpassed all our expectations...
Kathleen Cartwright
Arcturus Expeditions,
The UK.

March 2001 (402 trip)
We have just spent 2 weeks in this wonderful land. We have been snow mobiling through the wild around Esso, visiting local people and the Taboon...

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The UK

October 2000
Dear Nikolay and Lost World Team
Thank you very much for yours hospitality and your kindness. We greatly enjoyed our holidays in Kamchatka. Lost World did a fantastic job, very flexible and always friendly and professional...
Pete and Brigitte Widmer
A Division of the Swatch Group (H.K.) Ltd.

September 2000
We have been travelling around the World for eleven years and we must say that Kamchatka is one of the most wilderness places we never visited. You have a beautiful country, amazing nature and great people.
We will never forget your hospitality and friendship. Thank you for everything!!
Daisy Gilardini,

Read Daisy's Kamchatka article.

September 2000
Seven of us from Cargill Companies Worldwide (China, USA, UK) spent two weeks in Kamchatka with Lost World. We achieved our main goal, the ascent of Mt.Kluchevskoy. However, we also had many memorable days on the trail - bear watching, The Valley of Geysers, a two days "weather" delay in Esso that turned out to be a very enjoyable interlude, Lost World did a great job - god food, good jokes did ever entertainment!
Nor Coquillard,
Cargill Investments LTD.

August 2000 (102 trip)
Many thanks to Lost World for organizing our stay in Kamchatka - it was wonderful...
We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the bears and salmon at Golyginsky Lake. The wilderness was fantastic!
We will certainly tell our friends in England about the natural beauty of this place and will recommend it for a good, strenuous holiday.
Hope to be back soon,
Christine and Eileen Cheney,
Ash, England

August 2000
It was just a chance connection with Lost World and it was a lucky one for us. All of you did a wonderful job caring for our needs... As for us, you can count on CNN as a permanent client - and we're coming back next year!
Gary and Christine Strieker,
CNN a Time Warner Company,
Atlanta, GA, USA

August 2000
Kamchatka is one of these few places on the Earth where the world "wilderness" is still appropriate. Thanks to the efforts of "The Lost World". We were able to experience this beautiful part of the World. The best hikes, the best guides, excellent food and very, very well organized.
Thanks a million. I will be back.
Keesjan van den Herik,
coordinator SNP outdoor school,
The Netherlands.

July 2000
I am visiting Kamchatka and Kurilskoe Lake for the second time (1st in 1997). On both visits I saw many Grizzly bears, but especially on this visit. Lost World marvelous in every way. They met me at the airport and managed my visit in the best way. My cook was charming, spoke good English, was flexible and amusing.....
I hope to return to once again and I would always use Lost World for the arrangements. They are the greatest!
Anne Pattee,
Woodside, CA, 94062, USA.

July 2000
I have just completed a long and demanding filming operations for Survival Anglia Television of Great Britain in Kamchatka. It has required a complex series of permissions and logistics over a period of approximately two and a half years. Lost World have handled all my requirements in a dedicated and highly professional way. They have always been punctual and efficient...
Thanks to all at Lost World and for a wonderful way in your fascinating wilderness always full of impressions.
We will be back.
Richard Kemp
Survival Anglia Limited, GB.

June 2000 (103 trip)
Dear Andrei
We want to thank you and the staff of The Lost World Ltd. for making our trip to Kamchatka a wonderful journey. While we were disappointed not having seen the number of brown bears we expected, the warmth and friendship we received from you, Joulia and Vitaly are things we will long cherish. As experienced naturalists, we know the animals are not always where you hope to find them!....
In the meanwhile, please do keep in touch with us, and if there is anything we can do to help you or The Lost World, please let us know.
Best wishes,
Ann and Alan Hutchison
Battenberg Expeditions

October 1999 (805 trip)
Dear Nikolay
This is just to thank you for making our visit to the volcanoes of Kamchatka so truly memorable, so delightfully easy and so utterly magnificent. Providing every need for a group of 36 amateur geologists of very mixed abilities on treks to the high volcanoes cannot be an easy task, but your team, was without exception, absolutely excellent. I can find no fault in your entire team. I have worked with guides and trekking companies in various other countries, but never have I found a company as good as Lost World who provided everything that I could ask for - your team represented perfection.
We asked to go to our own selection of treks on the volcanoes, and you made everything work so well. That moment when our trucks climbed over the open tundra to see Mutnovsky volcano steaming away, and we saw just below our new camp, with rows of tents perfectly pitched, the camp crew working on a hot lunch, and the tables and benches laid out with food and drink - it was magic. It was one of those totally unforgettable travel experiences - followed of course by that magnificent day on Mutnovsky. Everyone in the group was overwhelmed and the excitement was electric. Then the days on Avacha and Gorely. You gave us some brilliant experiences.
Your leadership on the mountains was admired and respected by everyone in my group - and by myself. Your lovely wife Irene is an absolute star, and she and Nikolay #1 made up a team of guides that achieved perfection. You all worked so hard to make our trip so enjoyable.
For anyone who is planning to visit Kamchatka, I will always recommend Lost World as the only team of mountain guides to work with. This is a completely genuine and absolutely complete recommendation. You are welcome to pass my name address, phone, fax and e-mail to anyone who is trying to find a reliable agent for a Kamchatka visit and wants to know of past experiences. Kamchatka is without doubt a very exciting travel destination, which many serious travellers must have on their wish-list. You, Irene and Lost World made it a wonderful experience for us; thank you, thank you. I wish you and your team every success in the future.

Yours sincerely
Dr Tony Waltham Leader, Geologists' Association 1999 tour to Alaska and Kamchatka
The Nottingham Trent University
Faculty of Construction & The Environment
Burton Street Nottingham NG1 4BU, UK.


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