A touch of Russian Language

The Russian language is one that is neither quickly learned not easily spoken. Fortunately, your time in the mountain wilderness is spent with Russian translators who speak excellent English. In Petropavlovsk, the hotel staff mostly speak some English, and your time out in the town demands little communication with the local people who speak no English at all.

However, the Russian Cyrillic alphabet is worth a little attention to be able to read signs; when these are translated letter by letter, they commonly produce words which are recognizable as being almost the same as their meanings in either English or French. Armed with the alphabet and a few words to communicate the essentials or express a little courtesy, a confidence in the internationalism of sign language is enough to get about in Petropavlovsk.

A few useful words and phrases (in phonetic pronunciation)

Hello - Privyet

Good morning - Dobraye Ootra

Goodbye - Dasvi-daniya

How do you do - Zdrast-vuitye

Cheers - Boot-ti zdarovi

Yes/No - Da/Net

Please - Pazhalsta

Thank you (very much) - Spaseeba (balshoye)

I am English (American) - Ya Anglichaneen (Americanets)

I don't understand -Ya ne panimayu

I am tired - Ya ustal

Do you have? - U vas yest?

I want - Mne nuzhna (Ya khochoo)

How much (is this)? - Skolka (eta stoeet)?

Where is...? - Gdye?

Good/Bad - Kharoshii/Plakhoy

Big/Small - Balschoi/Malinkii

Beer/Coffee/Tea - Peevo/Kofe/Chai

Ticket - Bilyet

My key - Maee klyuchee

1 - Adin

2 - Dva

3 - Tree

4 - Chityri

5 - Pyat

6 - Shest

7 - Syem

8 - Voseem

9 - Dyevyat

10 - Dyesit

13 - Trinatsat

30 - Treetsat

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