Near the Vatchkazhets Volcano.
The Inner Crater of Ksudach Volcano. Gary having a hot bath at Ksudach Lake - it was +43 deg C.
View of our camp after the Typhoon. Ksudach Volcano.
The River running out of the crater with the ash fields either side.
Sunrise at Ksudach Volcano.
Geyser getting ready to blow.
The hole created by the stream running under the ice sheet.
Tracy sitting in front of the Geyser steam.
Tracy under the MI-8 in the Geysers Valley.
General view of the Geysers & Fumaroles.
Tracy being silly in the Truck!
The Truck in action after getting stuck.
Gary & Nikolay at the entrance to the old gold mine at the hot springs.
The waterfall into the ice sheet at Mutnovsky base camp.
The team at the base of Gorely.
Gary & Tracy climbing Gorely with Viluchinsky behind.
The huge waterfall on the road up from the hot springs resort.
The special dinner in Sasha's Yurta.