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#501. Fly-fishing at wild small rivers of Northern Kamchatka (Elovka River)

SEASON: July 15th - September 30th
Departures 2023: upon request

Group size - up to 6 pax.

Comfortable tented camp for 6 fishermen is nested in the confluence of Shishey river into Elovka river. This unique remote location and well-judged logistic allowed to offer excellent fishing opportunity without using helicopter transfers for getting to the camp. It also allowed to minimize the price of the fishing trip and avoid being late to the airport caused by changeable Kamchatkas weather.

The uniqueness of these fishing beats lies in their inaccessibility for poachers in comparison to other rivers of Kamchatka. You will have unrivalled opportunity to fish four different rivers (Kunkhilok, Shishey, Elovka and Kinenin) at one time. First two rivers (Kunkhilok and Shishey) provide unique chance to side fish for wild rainbow trout in small streams of these rivers. Wild rainbow trout is the most desired trophy and fishing for it on mouse yield to dry-fly fishing in staginess. Stone char, that is endemic fish, could also be caught in these rivers. Number and size of grayling could be compared only with Polar and Subpolar Ural samples. Dolly Varden (anadromous char) reach its maximum size here, so that samples of 2 kg in weight are rather usual. And number of anadromous salmon is not worth speaking of, while chum, coho and sockeye salmon during spawn run can be caught in large numbers.

You can fish either inshore or wading. Water-jet boats are used to get from one fishing beat to another. You will always be accompanied by armed guide since to meet a bear in Kamchatka is a common thing. Fishing for rainbow trout works only with a policy of catch and release. Other fish species could be taken up and turned into delicious meal cooked by our chef at camp.

To visit this unique, even for Kamchatka, place, you will have to make an exciting trip from south part of peninsula to its north. During this trip you will feel all the charm of Kamchatkas nature, visit hot springs and see majestic volcanoes of Kamchatka with your own eyes.

Basic trip itinerary

Price EUR 3800 per person.

Price includes:

  • All transfers on Kamchatka peninsula included into trip itinerary.
  • Accommodation at camp, double occupancy.
  • Three meals daily (lunch at the river while fishing)
  • Soft drinks and beverages.
  • Guide with jet-boat, one guide for two anglers.
  • Permits
  • Visa invitation and visa registration

Price NOT includes:

  • Alcoholic drinks, that will be shipped to the camp at your wish
  • Personal costs on Kamchatka peninsula
  • Tips the guides and other staff
  • Cost of the tackle and gear that can be bought at camp
  • Usage of satellite phone

Camp equipment

For clients we use American tents 10x12 feet on wooden bottom covered with PVC fabric, with double entrance with mosquitoes net and window on the opposite wall with mosquitoes net and bind. Tents are equipped with electric convector radiator. Beds with wood strip bottom, polyurethane hard mattress, pillow, blanket, bed sheets, large and small towel. Wardrobe with shelves, hangers, washstand, table and chairs. Tents are equipped with fire extinguisher. Besides main light there are bedside lamps, favors for charging photo and video cameras. Single occupancy is available for extra cost EUR 250.

Tents are daily cleaned. Change of bed sheets takes place once a week.
Canteen for clients is also a large tent, banquet furniture made with firm plastic, restaurant dishware. Canteen is with fireplace and sofa with soft pillows, where you can chat after the dinner or tie new flies.
Our clients could worthily appraise quality and diversity of hot dishes we offer breakfast and dinner at cozy camp canteen and lunch at the river. Breakfast contains fried eggs, flakes, milk, cereal, juice, toasts, cheese and bacon, sandwiches with red caviar, tea, coffee.

For lunch, that guide offers at river, clients usually have hot dish, salad, fruits, sandwiches, tea and coffee.
For dinner we offer hot dishes with fish or meat of high quality, tasty salads and desserts wont leave any guest indifferent.
Guests can order extra menu: crabs, scallop, poultry depending on the season or other delicacy for additional costs.
For clients there is separate build-up module with shower cabins with geyser, two lavatories with toilet bowl and dry out room.
Automatic water-supply (water-pumping station)

Electricity: in the morning from 6am till 11 am and in the evening from 6 pm till 12 am. In September, when frosts could appear, we increase time of electricity supply to keep comfortable temperature inside tents.
Camp is equipped with stationary satellite connection and internet, plus portable satellite phones.

For transfer along the main river we use 16 feet aluminum boats ALUMACRAFT RIVTED JONS 1648-20 with YAMAHA F60 (JET DRIVE 40HP) engine.
For transfers along tributaries Shishey and Kunkhilok, where it is possible, we use ZODIAC Futura Mark II FastRoller - 4,1 m with MERCURY JET 25 engine.
It is required that all guests and guide wear life vest while being on the river. Life vests VIKING with hydrostat are rather light (0,75kg) and comfortable for wearing during the whole day.

For fishing you should have the following:

Clothes and things of personal usage:

- waders
- rain jacket
- two sets of warm clothes socks, thermal underwear, jacket and pants of polartec
- extra jacket of windstopper material
- wading staff
- cap
- polarized glasses
- personal care items
- rain resistant pants
- if you take your camera, water resistant bag is necessary
- personal medicines

Medical insurance covering evacuation costs is obligatory.

Fishing tackle. For fishing you will need different #5-7 rods. We recommend # 6 rods up to 2,7 m length equipped with suitable reel. In most cases floating line is enough. In some cases you will need a sinking lead or a line with sinking tip up to 3m length. Exceptionally you will need a sinking line with long sinking tip of 6-8m length. For fishing leaders of 0- 02 type up to 2,7m are used. For fishing on moose leaders of Bass type are recommended. Its better to have fingerstall or gloves for stripping.


  • Mouse on 2-4 size hooks
  • Purple, pink and olive wolly bager with bright (pink or orange) head on 2-4 size hooks
  • Intruders of different modifications
  • Different dry flies for grayling fishing

All hooks must be barbless.

Fishing pools description
All four rivers, you are lucky to fish, are completely different.
The largest in size is Elovka river. Some parts of it reach 200m in width. Elovka has rarely clear waters. Only in the middle of autumn, when first night frosts bite, water becomes crystal-clear. Elovka fishing beats are located at places of mass concentration of anadromous salmon. All guides know these spots and will always give you a hint where fish may stay.
Kinenin is almost a mountain river up to 30m in width. You have to look for fish in this river, as discernable fishing beats with still water are rather rare and fish can be caught in a very unpredictable place. This fishing is for real hunters.
Kunkhilok is a river that combines mountain areas with pools. This river is rarely 20m in width. It is better to walk along it and fish all possible spots of trophy rainbow trout.
Shishey is a magnificent river with incredible character. Now its a mighty stream 40m in width, then it is divided into numerous creeks. In its upper part Shishey river flows through a picturesque canyon with deep pools under cliffs. Walking downstream you will find huge secular piles. And in front of the river mouth there is a unique chance to catch trophy rainbow trout in small creeks not wider than a couple of meters in width. Shishey is a paradise for fly-fishers of any level of experience.

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