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Indigenous cultures. Ski tours. Dog sledding tours on Kamchatka. Wilderness mountaineering and trekkings on Kamchatka Peninsula. Discover Kamchatka for yourself. Heliskiing and snowboarding from Kamchatka volcanoes. Kamchatka bears and salmon. Bears and Steller's Sea Eagles viewing tours. Indigenious cultures of Kamchatka. Wilderness mountaineering and trekkings. River fishing. Bear and Steller's Sea Eagle viewing. Kamchatka tour geology and volcanology.

In a world that is becoming increasingly crowded and restless, more and more people look for peace and solitude in wilderness areas. Holidays provide the opportunity to escape. For some it will be for a taste of adventure while for others rest and beautiful surroundings are what's needed.

We at 'Lost World' understand these needs and strive to find the trip that will get you away from it all to the place of your dreams. In Kamchatka we are blessed with one of the few pristine wilderness areas of the world. Here we have an abundance of beauty: snowcapped volcanoes, steaming geysers and thermal hot springs. Wildlife abounds in our forest and tundra. Our delicious food and fresh air will refresh you. The warmth of our welcome will make your holiday unforgettable.

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Travel in Kamchatka for all season.

Kamchatka in early summer (#107)
Bears and Volcanoes (#101 GUARANTEED DEPARTURES!!!)
Active volcanoes of Kamchatka by ATV (#902)
Western Kamchatka: bears, Okhotsk sea shore and 3 active volcanoes (#102)
Western Kamchatka: bears, Okhotsk sea shore and 3 active volcanoes (#103 and 104) no tent trips
Dog sledding tours (#201, #202)
The Northern Kamchatka in winter: eagles and reindeer (#405)
Heliskiing from Kamchatka volcanoes (#301)
Heli excursion to the Komandorsky Islands (#105)
Indigenous cultures of Kamchatka peninsula (#401 and #403 GUARANTEED DEPARTURE!!!)
Discover Kamchatka for yourself (#404)
Kamchatka tour Geology & Volcanology (#805)
Mountaineering for the experts (#806)
River fishing tour (#501)
River floating tours (#601, #602)
Ski tours (#701, #702)
Trek in Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve (#901)
Wilderness Mountaineering and Trekking (#801, #802, #803, #804)
One-day excursions! One-day excursions 2024

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Photographs by A.Maslov, D.Gilardini, V.Munier, J Sharma and The Lost World.

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